Nornir WIFI/BT Developer Kit

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  • 1 x TTGO T-DisplayOLED ESP32 CP2104
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable 15 cm
  • 1 x 3.7V 820mAh 1S LiPo Battery
  • 3 x Neopixels
  • Access to Real Time Web

The kit is embedded with temperature sensor, hall sensor and two buttons. See specification (PDF).


This IoT developer kit is perfect for professionals, students or amateurs – containing everything you need to start prototyping your own low-powered wireless IoT solutions for the Real Time Web (RTW).

The kit is based on an ESP module with Wi-Fi support, which you can configure to use your local Wi-Fi settings. The kit shows how you can share data online using data links and access SynxBIOS. RTW is the fastest IoT network in the world and this kit makes it simple for you to learn how to connect to the new web network topology and control your network resources globally.

RTW provides more direct communication, better advantage and user experience against online services. You can write/change code and see the result in the serial or remote terminal window immediately. Supports Arduino family and more direct/professional experience that can be educational when exploring Real Time Web for the first time. Also beneficial for regular programmers who are more used to the direct interaction with computers.

Example source code and training videos are available from the community site

This is the world's first RTW kit made by developers for developers.

Real Time Web (RTW)

RTW is very similar to its big brother World Wide Web (WWW), but there are several distinctive differences. WWW uses hyperlinks to link information (files) between web pages. The information is then distributed in networks by someone making a request against it. This is done primarily by people who are in search of information.

RTW uses data links to link data sources. The data sources are distributed in the network when a change of state occurs and then it is shared to everyone who has a link or is part of the linking path from the source. This is done primarily by machines that are capable of processing data as it arises. RTW is a neural web of “machines”.

The Real Time Web concept is based on a new technology invented by Nornir. The core technology is based on a networking kernel named SynxBIOS. SynxBIOS provides ownership and data access control that can be administered directly by sending network commands to the network kernel at runtime, doing all short of things without using middleware or server logic.

To learn more about Synx technology please visit where all Synx related tools are explained and described.

Welcome to the future and enjoy your kit!